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Night Guards at Saltash

Keeping teeth safe while you sleep

Nights guards are used to protect teeth from grinding and clenching, a condition known as bruxism. Our custom-made night guards fit snugly over your teeth, keeping them safe while you sleep.

If bruxism is not addressed, it can lead to serious problems, including tooth loss and jaw joint disorders. Although night guards will not stop people from grinding their teeth, they do provide a cushioning effect which helps to minimise any potential damage.

Night Guards help

  • improve your sleep
  • reduce headaches and jaw problems
  • prevent enamel wear and tooth sensitivity

Looking after your night guard

Night guards will last longer and be more hygienic if they are properly maintained. An effective cleaning routine should include gentle brushing and occasional soaking in denture cleaning fluid.

You should regularly check your night guard for damage and bring it with you to routine check-ups so we can make sure it still fits correctly.

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