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Periodontics at Saltash

A healthy mouth makes life comfortable. Yet many patients only realise how important healthy gums are when they’re not in good condition. Periodontal care helps patients to control gum disease, and achieve a healthier smile.Healthy gums make a difference because:

  • eating is comfortable.
  • teeth are well-supported, so tooth loss is unlikely except by accident.
  • gums look better because they’re the right colour (pink).
  • breath is fresh.
  • you’re not aware of them.

Patients may ask a dentist, “Why am I spitting blood?”

Fortunately, the patient has done well to visit the dentist and find out the reason why. Our answer is, “Yes, there’s treatment that can help.” Our aim is to make a plan so every patient achieves their optimum oral health.

Here are answers to some questions we’re often asked.

Key to a healthy mouth

Taking care of the teeth also means taking care of the tissue and structures that support them. In routine check-ups, your dentist will assess your mouth for signs of inflammation, gum disease and oral cancer. Removal of plaque is crucial to maintaining healthy gums and bone, preventing inflammation, bleeding, and the progression of bacterial infection. Where plaque has built up, cleaning and root scaling may need to be part of your treatment plan.

Periodontal care helps

  • recognise and treat gum disease before it progresses.
  • prevent other illnesses sometimes associated with gum disease.
  • maintain excellent oral health.
  • improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Looking after your mouth

Regular visits to your dentist and your dental hygienist, as well as thorough oral hygiene practices at home, will help to protect your mouth against gum disease. Indicators of a periodontal concern, such as bleeding gums or difficulty cleaning pockets between the teeth, must be checked by your dentist. Early intervention saves lengthy treatment and prevents tooth loss. As well as brushing and flossing, be sure to get regular checks.

If you are hoping to alter the appearance of your smile, your dentist can suggest further enhancements of your gum line to reduce visibility or correct a receding gum margin.

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