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Fillings at Saltash

Essential treatment for cavities and more

In keeping with modern dental preferences, SpaDental prefers to place white fillings.

White fillings are used more than any other filling material these days. As composite technology has improved, white fillings have become more durable.

Shaded to match your natural tooth colour, white fillings don’t show when you smile or talk. In addition, because the composite mixture of resin and glass bonds to the tooth, the dentist does not have to use the drill so much.

The material used for white fillings also repairs chipped or worn teeth.

White fillings are the best choice for patients concerned about the appearance of their teeth, or the component alloys used to make up the amalgam used in metal fillings.

“Fantastic smile make over – Even though it was only a small bit of bonding over two teeth it has changed my smile and given me so much confidence. Thank you.”  ZB – a SpaDental Plymouth patient

White fillings are

  • made using advanced composite technologyshows a broken tooth that can be fixed with white fillings
  • natural in appearance
  • less invasive than metal fillings

Metal fillings are

  • made using a traditional amalgam of alloys
  • used when it is not possible to place a white filling
  • regulated for patient and environmental safety

Mending and preventing cavities

When you have a cavity, your dentist will plan the treatment with you. In most cases, a filling can be handled quickly, with minimum discomfort. If you are a nervous patient, or you have an aversion to injections, be sure to let your dentist know.

After the repair, remember that an effective oral hygiene routine helps to avoid more cavities.

Regular visits to your SpaDental practice will also help your dentist to spot any problems before they become worse. Our clinicians always have time to offer tips for healthier teeth.

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