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New Patients at Saltash

News update!

new patient - girl's teeth being checked by dentistSpaDental Saltash is supporting a national drive to encourage babies, children and teens to visit the dentist.

We are currently accepting under 18’s as new NHS patients.

There’s no need for children to be on a lengthy waiting list.

To register a child as a new patient, a parent or guardian simply needs to contact the practice to make an appointment.

We recommend that babies visit the dentist as soon as their first tooth has come through, and children should visit a dentist every six months. Learning preventive care helps children to have a healthy mouth and saves them from more expensive treatments later.

Why not use this link to book your children’s appointments?

It’s easy to give your child the gift of a great smile for life!

Our aim is to help you smile even more!

SpaDental welcomes new patients at our Saltash surgery.

As a mixed practice, catering for both NHS patients and private patients, we extend the same dedicated interest and care to all of our patients.

We are, however, only able to accept new NHS patients who are allocated to us from the NHS England waiting list. As the waiting period is estimated to be around two years, you may want to consider registering for private treatment.

SpaDental Saltash has a range of affordable payment options for private patients. Registering on a payment plan, such as Denplan Essentials or Denplan Care, encourages our patients to access dental checks and treatment regularly.

We believe in helping you to avoid more costly treatment through good preventive care. Would you like us to help you to achieve your optimum dental fitness and oral health? If so, why not contact the surgery to learn more?

As new patients at our Saltash surgery:

new patients at our SaltashYour initial appointment will probably last a little longer than you may be used to. This is to enable your clinician to assess your mouth thoroughly, learn about your general health, and your well-being. We may also take x-rays to reveal hidden problems and get an accurate picture of your teeth.

During a full examination of your teeth, gums and jaw, we look for dental problems, such as cavities and gum disease. We will also check the surrounding soft tissues for signs of oral cancer.

We take time to listen carefully to your concerns and aspirations, so your ongoing care will be specially tailored to your unique dental needs.

After a full assessment, we will suggest any treatment that might be necessary. Your dentist will also be open to talking about cosmetic options.

We are here to help your smile!

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