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19th December 2019 | Posted by: SpaDental Administrator

Thinking about lip augmentation? Then there’s no place better to ask than at the dentists. After all, dentists have years of training and work in a safe environment. Moreover, they really know about mouths, teeth, the many muscles that help us smile and how it all works together. So trust your dentist to give you perfect lips.

tiny injections by the dentist for perfect lipsIn the hands of an expert, lip augmentation can be a beautiful enhancement. Healthy teeth framed by perfect lips can really help project confidence and youthful good health.

If done inexpertly, however, lip treatments actually detract from your natural appearance. And even more worryingly, if done incorrectly or in a poorly maintained environment, can be dangerous or cause permanent damage. It’s really not worth taking any risk.

Who wants perfect lips?

Well, these days, it’s not just women. An increasing number of men are also having their lips enhanced.

If you’re having your teeth whitened, or having other dental treatments such as veneers or implants to enhance your teeth, it’s worth considering how you want to frame your teeth too. Ask your dentist for advice when you discuss your treatment plan.

In the past, it tended to be older people who asked for lip augmentation because, with age, we lose the youthful plumpness of our lips. But now even people in their late teens are asking for the procedure. Lip fillers are an effective treatment option for people who want symmetry, those who have inherited thin lips, or who like the appearance of fuller lips.

A SpaDental Plymouth patient story:

These pictures show just what a difference lip augmentation made to our patient’s appearance and confidence.

Our patient had previously had her lips treated elsewhere. Unfortunately, she did not feel happy with the results and the experience left her lacking confidence, especially when wearing lipstick. She came to SpaDental wanting a fuller, more natural look to her lips.

At the initial consultation her lips were slightly uneven and lacked definition

At the initial consultation, it was clear her lips were slightly uneven and lacked definition.

The lip line was given more definition, especially around the cupids bow area
The dentist added definition to her lip line, especially around the cupid’s bow area.

Volume was added to provide a fuller look to her lips
Then added volume for fullness, enhancing her lip shape.

Our patient is thrilled with the result
Our patient was thrilled with the result. Her lips looked exactly how she had envisaged they would be: fuller, with more definition yet retaining a natural look. All she needed was her favourite colour lipstick to complete the look!

Get in touch!

Do you want perfect lips? Our dentists can help you to realise your ideal, as well as guiding you towards a look that is safely achievable and will suit you.

If you’d like to learn more about lip augmentation, then please get in touch with SpaDental Plymouth using the form below.

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Please note:

Although only a minimally invasive procedure, lip augmentation requires careful deliberation and a medical assessment. During an initial consultation, your dentist will review your health to ensure that the treatment is safe for you. Patients must state any medical conditions and medications that may affect their suitability for treatment.


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